Since we’ve started to welcome our guests in 2005, we at Kitchenette offer a wide variety of signature dishes from local and international cuisines, all prepared with special recipes and presentations, at our modern and relaxed atmosphere. 


With a rich menu featuring alternatives for any time of day, we host our guests in our 11 restaurants in some of the top cities including Istanbul, Kocaeli, Ankara, Izmir, Bodrum and Baku.


At Kitchenette we follow a simple philosophy built around the idea of offering casual dining experience. So we focus on intimacy, coziness and sharing, and always strive to remain relevant by constantly renewing ourselves. We continually search for innovative products and services to meet and exceed our guests’ demands and expectations as we keep evolving.

This is why we said, “Better Together”, and further enriched our menu to offer unique flavors with mouthwatering presentations.

In addition to the special breakfast options and starters to share, we also renewed main courses in our menu. Our guests can now enjoy even more diverse flavors with newcomers such as healthy fresh salads, Turkish manti and delicious desserts presented in mason jars.

Offering a menu created with fresh seasonal ingredients in a unique bistro setting, we are always “Better Together”…