Imagine your favorite fruitcake… and now spread apricot puree on to the layers of the cake. It is already quite delicious but you still think back to the amazing cheesecake on display! While we were creating this recipe, we wanted it to be an exquisite fruity and fluffy cake with hints of the sweet and tangy apricot puree, but we also aimed to bring it all together so that we would not crave that cheesecake anymore.

Fiery red, velvety sponge cake layers spread with apricot puree and yummy snow-white vanilla mascarpone cream… The story of this cake with its signature rich red color, which also reflects the corporate identity of the Kitchenettes, goes back to the USA of the early to mid-1900s. Using boiled beet juices and pureed beet gave the cakes their lovely red color and also kept them soft and moist like apple or carrot cakes. With the origins of this popular cake attributed to different times and people, all we can say is thank you to whoever created it. What we can do now is to reinterpret this classic with modern techniques and inventive ingredients, and of course present it to you with a Kitchenette twist.



  • Red Cake
  • Mascarpone Cream
  • Croquant
  • Fruits